pH Up

Pi Nutrients’ quality formulation for plant growers needing to adjust pH up.



Specially formulated for all house plants, orchids, herbs, cactus, annuals, African Violets, perennials, seedlings & cuttings in pots, containers, hydroculture, greenhouses and hanging baskets.

Directions for Use

  1. The pH of water varies by region.
  2. Use only a few drops per gallon and test until desired pH is reached.

What is pH and why is it important?
pH (potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of Hydrogen ion concentration. If the pH of water or soil is too high or low mineral elements can be “locked up” thus not being available to plant roots, causing deficiency and toxicity symptoms in your plants (e.g. yellowing, leaf burning, stunted growth, etc.).


Caution: EXTREME DANGER. Very corrosive. Causes severe burns.
Do not swallow. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. Do not breathe fumes. Handle with extreme care. Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves and glasses. Use only in a well-ventilated area.

First Aid Instructions:
Contains Potassium Hydroxide. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 20 minutes. If on skin, rinse well with water. If on clothes, remove clothes. If breathed in, move person to fresh air.

Additional information


1 L / 1 qt, 4 L / 1.1 Gal, 10 L / 2.5 Gal, 20 L / 5.3 Gal